I HAVE THE SUGARS | The founder of I Have The Sugars speaks candidly of life with T1D | Personal

THE PIANO GUYS | Agency: VaynerMedia | Spotify Sessions performance | Art Direction & Editing: Polina Sapershteyn | Cameras: Rav Carlotti, Skylar Gross, & Chris Caldwell

BUDWEISER REEL | Agency: VaynerMedia | Budweiser social media campaigns 2015-2017 | Direction and Editing: Polina Sapershteyn | DP: Dante Crisafulli, Graham Friedman, Andrew Zeiter | Sr. Art Direction: Jes Vallee, Clark Rogers | Color Grades: Sean Henderson

BUDWEISER GLOBAL REFRESH | Agency: VaynerMedia | Phantom cameras: Arts & Droids | Concept, Direction, & Editing: Polina Sapershteyn | Color Grades Lead: Sean Henderson